Disc Golf

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The Disc Golf course is open and ready to be played. We do not have markers up yet but they will be coming along with a map of the layout. Sorry for any inconvenience. The course has twelve (12) Baskets. I would like any feedback on the course for improvements that may be needed, you can Email me with any feedback to Jerry Lauer.

Basic Rules

Play the course in the fewest amounts of throws, ending each hole by landing the disc in the basket.
Tee Off:
Tee throws must be made from the crushed gravel, concrete tee pad. Run-up and follow through is permitted.
The lie is determined by where the disc has come to rest.
Fairway Throw:
Throws from the fairway must be made from made from the lie. Run-up and follow through is permitted.
If within 10 yards of the target, player may not step past the lie while attempting the throw.
Out of Bounds:
O.B. is not set for this course. It is designed to throw the disc from the lie. You can play with boundaries if you desire.
Do not throw until other players, park users, and cars are out of range. Please take care of the equipment, stay off personal property, and let faster groups play through. Beware of traffic and others.

Please Do Not Litter



For a printable PDF format of the map click Here.

Disc Golf Course map

Disc golf layout map